We go beyond
project management.

Row Partners is project leadership.

At Row Partners, we believe that the project process should be as innovative and thoughtfully designed as the spaces we build together. We apply more than thirty years of real-world experience to each and every project, proactively turning obstacles into opportunities and guiding teams through the ups and downs of the project process.

We seamlessly integrate into your team, providing consistent guidance, facilitating decision making, and engaging directly with each project team: from due diligence to close out.

  • Create the Brief

  • Build the Team
  • Activate the Communication
  • Facilitate the Process
  • Monitor the Progress
  • Close the Door

What our clients say.

“It was a joy working with you and I very much appreciated your intolerance for BS, I am going to miss it.”

Douglas Erb
RP Management, LLC

“So true – leadership matters.”

Wendy Rowden
Building for the Arts NY, Inc.

“It was one of the true differentiators of working with you and others since…the way you commanded a project.”

Andrew Wilkinson
Wilkinson Architects PLLC


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